Ad serving system architecture – AWS reference

Key user journeys of ad serving systems.

  1. Serving ad.
  2. Click through.
  3. Publisher registration.
  4. Ad booking.
  5. Targeting
  6. Reporting (often, real time)

The below reference architecture focuses on the first 2.

  • For achieving (3), we may need a dynamo db and another fleet of EC2 (app servers), may be in an auto-scaling group behind an ELB.
  • Same set of servers used for (3) can be used for Ad booking (4) as they are not as critical as (1) & (2).
  • Targeting (5) can be delegated to the servers being used for ad serving (1).
  • Below architecture supports reporting but not real time as the logs from click-through servers are saved to S3 and sent to EMR for processing. It’s a batch processing. In order to make it real-time, we may have to stream the logs to Amazon Kinesis which does the analysis and put the results back in dynamo db for reporting.


Download (PDF, 138KB)

Ad serving system architecture – AWS reference